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Gabriel Nwatarali, Small Business Marketing Consultant

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Digital Marketing

digital marketing agency

Overcome barriers of distance and reach potential customers from all over the country. Reduce recurring overhead costs and take advantage of the growing importance of social media.

Web Design

design for business marketing

Get the perfect website for your business and increase your customers by reaching people outside your city. Create a business asset that consistently does more for your business year-over-year.

Logo Design

logo design for new businesses for marketing purposes

Create distinction from the competition with a business logo. It’s an important part of branding and establishing a positive reputation for your business.

The #1 Reason Businesses Fail Online and How to Fix It

The main reason why a business doesn’t do well online is that they don’t have web traffic.

No matter what you sell, the one thing that you’ll always need is traffic.

In fact, companies wouldn’t exist without it!

The winners are always those that can attract qualified visitors to their business and convert those visitors into customers.

Paid advertising is great but once you stop paying, the traffic stops.

Wouldn’t you rather create a marketing system that brings in traffic to your website daily without needing to run expensive ad campaigns?

That’s what we do at Tech Help Canada. We help you create a system that attracts visitors and moves them through your sales funnel.

Your website becomes an invaluable asset.

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Gabriel Nwatarali
Small Business Marketing Consultant

Here’s the truth about inbound marketing…

It’s technical.

It demands a focused approach to targeting, unlike traditional advertising (outbound) where your ad is pushed out to as many people as possible.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing, only new methods.

The inability to precisely target an audience with traditional promotion methods makes it more expensive.

So what tactics are available to you within inbound marketing?

If you’re ready to start growing your business, start by downloading this:

SEO guide for small businesses in 2017