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We help companies use persuasive language to win customers over with excellent copywriting services. Don't let your sales copy be the weak link in your marketing efforts. We regularly ghostwrite for companies to help them create high-quality content that resonates with their intended audience.

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  • Grow your sales with effective copywriting services. Excellent copy leads to more sales because once you have someone's attention, the rest is about convincing them to do business with you. Fantastic copy keeps people on your web pages long enough to view all your communications.
  • Communicate concisely and persuasively. Speaking to your visitors with a tone of voice that’s relatable and communicates your company values gets them to say, "yes". Prospects will contact you with a clear understanding of your product or service benefits.
  • SEO-optimized content. Tech Help Canada optimizes your marketing content for SEO (search engine optimization) so you can rank better on search engines. Effective content optimization is how you get to the top of search engines like Google. We’ll deliver a copy that’s optimized for your keywords right out the gate.

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Growth Becomes Inevitable With Great Copywriting Services

Why isn't your copy selling?

Is it unreasonable if you expect it to do the job?

At Tech Help Canada, we believe it’s reasonable to expect your website copy to do the selling for you. Providing that everything else is great (e.g. web design, product offering, etc.). The goal of web copy is to encourage favorable actions such as conversions and sales. You can receive all the traffic in the world but still lose if your copy is sub-par.

The best copywriting services can convey company messaging in an engaging, persuasive, and motivating way. We write website copy that’s uniquely written for your company’s target audience. So rest assured, we'll make sure you have a winner in your hands.

Copywriting and Content Writing Services From Experts

From landing pages and PDF publications (e.g. white papers) to articles and press releases, we've made content creation easier for businesses. Do you need blog content? Maybe you need to get a copywriter for your next eBook. Whatever the need, we’ve got you covered.

  • Create content that people want to read so you can earn more customers and attract more leads.
  • Attract more backlinks or links from other sites that point to yours naturally.
  • Earn higher ranking positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) so consumers can easily find you online.
  • Provide a rich user experience that keeps your audience coming back for more.
  • Inspire confidence and help your customers make informed purchase decisions.

Good Marketing Copywriting Services is Key to Ongoing SEO Success

By now, most business owners know the importance of a strong digital presence through effective SEO. SEO is how brands attract attention and convert leads to paying customers online. However, none of that is possible without content!

Content begins with carefully crafted words that can appear in various forms, including visuals. The following are some of the kinds of content we can help you produce.

  • Blogs or articles
  • Social media messages
  • Landing page content
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Checklists
  • Video scripts
  • Infographics
  • Interview scripts
  • Podcasts scripts
  • GIFs and Memes
  • Text on photos, and more

Content has always been the fuel for marketing and a foundational part of any SEO strategy. Let our team of expert content creators, strategists, SEOs, and designers help you develop effective marketing content that works.

Why Use Tech Help Canada For Copywriting Services

The content you create must be relevant and have value. But, that’s not always easy to pull off, especially, when you have multiple audiences. Many of our customers come to us with nothing but their goals and we handle the rest.

  • Enjoy stress-free content optimization for search engines. Our team will conduct the keyword research necessary to uncover suitable terms to target for each piece.
  • We bake virality into your content so that it’s more likely to naturally earn shares, backlinks, mentions, etc.
  • Save the time it takes to properly research and create compelling content. Plus you can avoid mistakes when you work with professionals.
  • Give your audience high-quality content that engages, fosters loyalty, and facilitates sales.
  • We perform multiple checks on our work for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to ensure your company appears professional every time.

Top-notch Copywriting Service

Getting started is super-easy. Fill the simple form on this page or contact us directly at 1-866-571-0007 to begin.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Copywriting Service. Enjoy unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with your content or final copy. Our goal is to meet your written content expectations.

Royalty-free Stock Photos and Videos. We’ll add appropriate stock imagery or visuals, including screenshots to your skillfully written content.

Rigorous Editing Process and Content Quality Standards. We don’t put out garbage content, only excellently written copy of the best quality imaginable.

Publishing to Your Website. With your permission, we can publish the content to your blog or website. While not necessary, this can save you publishing time.

Fast Turnaround Delivery. Our average delivery time is 3 days. Some orders may require longer research time to complete but we'll let you know.

How it Works

1. Send in your order.

2. Pay the invoice.

3. Receive your content.

We deliver the content usually within 3 days but will let you know if more time is needed. You can pay for orders directly via the content order form. We'll send an invoice within 48 hours for custom orders.

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