Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ltd.
Address: 5470 Canotek Road, Unit #36
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 9H4
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Short Business Description: Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ltd. has been serving the concrete industry in the Ottawa region for over 20 years. Their professional equipment and staff get the job done right the first time!
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Concrete Polishing & Sealing Ltd. is proud of its work record achieved by almost two decades of service in the concrete industry. Throughout this time, our company has constantly invested in research and development which, along with specialized equipment, allow us to complete our projects with great efficiency. And, we have developed a number of proprietary systems and methods that enable us to achieve excellent results for our clients who come to us with difficult architectural, design or budget constraints.

Our company is positioned as the specialty concrete flooring contractor for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sectors.

We offer a wide array of concrete-finishing services including: surface preparation, concrete repair, shot blasting, glue/paint/epoxy removal, grinding, garage traffic topping, decorative polishing (polissage de béton), microtoppings, sealers and penetrating hardeners. We also install waterproofing membranes, methyl-methacrylate, industrial epoxies and polyurethanes.

Phone Number: 613-691-0201
Marble Restoration Services Ltd.
Address: 5470 Canotek Road Unit #36, Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 9H4
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Short Business Description: Since 2001, Marble Restoration Services Ltd. in Ottawa has been providing expert repair and restoration to government and corporate stone floors. Residential floors are also cared for by the company to preserve the ‘like new’ look so admired.
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Marble Restoration Services® Ltd. is a leading stone restoration provider serving clients throughout Ontario and Quebec since 2001. We are proud to be a professional company specialized in stone renovation, polishing and sealing by providing the right expertise, quality renewal and proper post-restoration care for all types of natural, man-made stone and concrete.

Marble Restoration Services® Ltd. is, indeed, an expert in any aspect of the stone refinishing process, including, but not limited to: surface preparation, grinding, rehoning, polishing, coloring and sealing. As mentioned, we do everyday care of marble, concrete, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, terrazzo and many more types stone of employing dedicated quarry grinders, planetary floor machines, and special masonry tools.

View our marble equipment. Or, view our concrete and terrazo grinding and polishing tools. Our machines and diamonds are designed and work in both, wet and dry grinding options providing the best restoration solution in any demanding environment.

Phone Number: 613-274-0385
Fax: 613-228-7983