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Lantern Institute
Address: 112 College Street, Suite 411
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1L6
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Short Business Description: Our tuition fee structure is even more unconventional. Given our proven record of successful hiring, students only pay full tuition fee if they secure a job.
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Lantern Institute provides graduates of STEM fields fast-tracked training to transition them into a fulfilling career in new emerging fields such as Data Science and Mathematical finance. Our programs are unconventional, employing coaches who actively work in industry to teach our students the skills currently demanded by the market. To enroll, qualified applicants only pay a refundable deposit, which is returned to them when they secure employment. only upon securing an employment, you would be paying for the program.

Phone Number: 8006470526
Address: 1107 Finch Ave W, Toronto,
M3J 0K2
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Short Business Description: UYSS’ mission is to inspire our students to be effective communicators, critical and creative thinkers, collaborate with others and become lifelong learners in full awareness of themselves within a global community.
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Our curriculum focuses on helping learners acquire a set of broadly applicable skills that they can apply accordingly to whatever challenges they might face in their lives and careers. Students’ high school years should principally be about learning how to learn and acquire the competencies they need to do that effectively. Learning is no longer just a means of acquiring information; instead, teaching and learning methods – which have always been an important consideration in education – become more important than ever.

Phone Number: (647) 955-5165