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Address: 439 University Ave, 5th Floor, Toronto, ON
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Short Business Description: Stress-free alternative to bank wire transfers.
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REMITR is a simple replacement for wire transfer payments that makes it easy to send business payments to 150+ countries, for as little as $5. The founders Kanchan Kumar and Sandeep Todi, both hold over 25 years of experience in technology-based businesses. The company was founded on the sole principle of providing a platform for making global payments that is both simple, and low-cost.

REMITR has received several reputable awards from distinguished media and communities. This includes the Forbes Most Promising Startup award, TiE50 finalist award, and NTT Open Data contest. Their portfolio proudly exhibits a rapidly growing list of active clients – both businesses making payments to overseas partners, and individuals sending money to loved ones. Thanks to a top-notch engineering team and an ever-growing list of valuable partnerships worldwide, they’ve been able to develop innovative technology that effectively makes fast cross-border payments at the most affordable price possible.

The team at REMITR is sworn to the commitment of delivering the highest quality of service, and ease for their customers who are looking to send money internationally. Informed by current technologies, client priorities, and needs, they strive for excellence in service and product.

Website Address: REMITR
Phone Number: +1 844-473-6487
Address: 372 Bertha Street, Hawkesbury ON K6A 2A8
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Short Business Description: is an online money lender granting short-term microloans to all citizens of Canada and provinces. The company own all necessary licenses required for payday loans in every province. The company offers attractive and affordable terms without any additional charges.
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iCash is a Canadian lender that provides instant online short-term loans to many customers all around Canada. We offer $100 to $1500 payday loans and cash advances that can be repaid in one, two or three payments. The entire process does not require any paperwork and gives our customers an instant approval. We are a fully licensed lender that is offering a smart alternative to Payday Loans

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Phone Number: 844-419-2274