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Pricing: Pick a Design Package For Your Site

  • Starter Website
  • C$649

  • Up to 6 Web Pages, Custom Designed & Developed
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • This makes sure that your site can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Strong Call-to-Actions
  • We build a website that'll encourage users to take favourable business actions.
  • Contact Form & Thank You Page
  • >> FREE 1 Year Web Hosting <<
  • Your first year of web hosting is on us! You save C$137.86
  • >> FREE Domain Name (optional) <<
  • Get a free domain name with your purchase or use the one you already own.
  • SEO Friendly URL's
  • This improves the understanding of your web pages for search engines like Google.
  • SEO Friendly Pages
  • We optimize your web pages for the keywords that are most important to your company or website.

  • Business & Blogs
  • C$949

  • Up to 15 Web Pages, Designed & Developed
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Ensure your site is accessible on mobile.
  • Strong Call-to-Actions
  • Convince prospects to take the actions you want such as making a phone call or contacting you via email.
  • Contact Form & Thank You Page
  • >> FREE 1 Year Web Hosting <<
  • The 1st year of hosting is on us. Save big!
  • >> FREE Domain Name (optional) <<
  • Don't yet have a domain name? Get a free domain of your choosing.
  • SEO Friendly URL's
  • Make sure your web addresses can be easily understood by search engines.
  • SEO Friendly Pages
  • We optimize your web pages so that they can perform well in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • >> Admin Area to Edit, Add & Delete Web Pages <<
  • No limits! Add, edit or delete content easily with your very own admin panel. We also provide free video training and support for this!


web design package

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Keeping users on your web pages

How to keep visitors on your website

A professionally designed website can keep visitors interested long enough to look at your offers, which leads to more sales. We develop websites that are intuitive and focused on motivating users to take favourable actions.

Acquire more customers

How to acquire more customers

A great website is the factor that determines how often you acquire customers from your website. With properly placed Call-To-Actions (CTA’s) and excellent copywriting, your conversion rate will increase.

Create consistent brand identity

What about brand identity?

We look at the big picture and create a website that is consistent with the visual representation of your business. We understand that your social media channels, logo and other brand assets must form a coherent whole, making your brand more memorable.

Differentiating yourself from competitors

How to differentiate yourself from competitors

We make sure that your web pages are well put together and visually showcase your unique selling points. In one industry, there can be thousands of websites competing for the same customers. A custom website is a great way to stand out.