Ditch That Generic Email for Secure and Professional Business Email

Improve customer perception with professional business email. Our email service lets you use your domain name for the email address, and it’s completely mobile. You also get a free calendar and online storage (fully-integrated).

  • Use up to 5 email addresses with your plan.
  • 2 GB storage
  • Full-featured web interface for desktop and mobile
  • Basic mobile and desktop access using POP
  • Free integrated Group Calendar and Online Storage


$5.92 per month.
Upgrade to our Email Ultimate Business plan for just $2 more to get unlimited storage, 1st-year free online storage and calendar.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Register your domain name (if you already have one, skip this step).

Step 2: Choose your email plan.

Why Professional Business Email?

Get people to take you seriously and respond to your emails more. Most of us check the reputation of the individual that sends us an email by inspecting the extension. Credible people use TheirName@brandname.com or Me@website.ca rather than a Hotmail or Gmail.

Also, many people consider messages from free email addresses as spam, which can harm your email communications in the following ways.

  • Emails end up in the junk or spam folder of recipients more often than not.
  • The response rate will be super-low.
  • Conversion rates are often zero or not even worth the effort.


Get Professional Business Email

A professional email builds credibility, trust, and improves perception.

Your email address sets the perception of recipients from the get-go, so you’ll look more professional and credible when they read your email. As a result, more prospects will want to respond.

Your email address reflects your professionalism, and the first impression is often the last.

Why Use Our Email Service

Data Security

Get top-grade email security and spam filtering. We protect your communications with the right security measures in place. Filter out spam, prevent hacking attempts and malware attacks. You have full control of your email.

Cloud Backup and Privacy

Securely backup your important data and enjoy total privacy. We don’t access or share any of your data. Your experience is private and you can back up information using free online storage. So that your email communications are safe.

Search Capabilities

Find the email you want whenever you need it. Hunting for an old email that you need is an issue if you don’t have good search capabilities. Our email service search system makes it easy to find anything you’re looking for fast. This helps you stay productive.

Anywhere, Anytime Email Access

You can read and respond to emails whether you’re on-the-go or not. Access email from your mobile device, desktop, tablet, and most Internet-enabled device.

Our professional business email service starts at C$5.92 per month with all the benefits we’ve discussed.

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