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Clarifying Terms

Before we begin, let's take a moment to clarify some terms in order to avoid confusion. By understanding these terms, you'll understand the rest of this mini course.

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Domain names are like masks for an ip address. For example, if you signed up for web hosting and your host gave you an ip address of 193.195.506.406. You wouldn't want your audience to type that into their browsers every time they visit your website.

This is why you need to register a domain name to that ip address, such as

Websites use HTML (hypertext markup language) as the standard markup for building web pages. Additionally, HTML can be combined with other languages like PHP or JavaScript to build websites.

HTML is the preferred standard for the majority of web developers because search engines can read it very well.

But wait... What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the part of a network that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. Essentially, your domain name is your web address or the address to your website.

In the physical world or real world as some may call it, we may have addresses that look like “2737 Domain Road, Calgary, AB T2P2B5”. With the Internet or digital world, your address may look like "" or "".

list of domain extensions

As explained earlier, instead of typing "" on your browser's address bar, you will type "". The “.ca” is the domain extension. There are different types of domain extensions. Some of these extensions are .me, .info, .com, .ca, .tv, .asia and many more.

The following chapter will go over the dos and don’ts in choosing your domain name.